Clue 2023 from Hasbro

Hasbro rings in the new year with a fresh-faced edition of Clue, the classic whodunit board game.

LEGO Jazz Club

LEGO kicks off 2023 with a new addition to its Modular Buildings collection in the form of the Jazz Club.

Toho ULTIMATES! from Super7

Super7 readies its new Toho ULTIMATES! Godzilla and Biollante figures for launch in summer 2023.

Orb X Gaming Pod from CMODX

CMODX announces a luxurious new multi-purpose gaming pod that takes user experience to the next level.

G.I. Joe Mission Critical from Renegade Game Studios

G.I. Joe heroes work together to protect the world from the forces of evil in the new G.I. Joe Mission Critical game from Renegade Game Studios.

Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit from Abacus Brands

Designed for kids ages eight and up, Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit from Abacus Brands features over 30 hands-on experiments for budding scientists to try at home.

Elite Optimus Prime from Robosen

Robosen dives back into the world of Transformers to bring fans the auto-converting Elite Optimus Prime figure.

Space Invaders Quarter Arcades from Numskull Designs

Numskull Designs celebrates 45 years of Space Invaders with its new Quarter Arcade collection.

Star Trek Bird-of-Prey from Playmobil

Playmobil releases its Star Trek Bird-Of-Prey playset, a follow-up to its U.S.S. Enterprise set from 2021.

TT:120 Train Series from Hornby

Hornby releases a brand new 1:120 scale of model railway that allows modern hobbyists to build impressive layouts in minimal space.

Flatbed Truck With Hot Rods from Hess

While the 2022 Hess Flatbed Truck remains one gorgeous piece of premium plastic, the classic cars packed alongside take the top prize this year.

Table Football From LEGO

The LEGO Ideas division has just released its final product of the year: 21337 Table Football.