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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Places to Visit

Plan your next vacation to include a visit to a play-related store, museum, or private collection.

Road Trip: New York

The state of New York is an Arts and Culture gold mine. While New York City is the epicenter, there are more than a few locations outside of the Big Apple that deserve recognition. These are Toy Tales’ top recommendations for places to visit when in the Empire State.

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Babycastles Gallery – New York, New York

Babycastles Gallery is a collective of independent video game designers and contemporary visual artists that provide exposure to up-and-coming game designers from around the globe.

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Museum of Whimsy – Astoria, Oregon

The Museum of Whimsy in downtown Astoria, Oregon is home to one collector’s personal treasury of odd, intriguing, and, well, whimsical artifacts collected over a lifetime of travels and treasure hunting.

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Modern Pinball NYC – New York, New York

Modern Pinball NYC is a family-friendly pinball arcade, museum, and education centre located a short walk from the historic Gramercy Theatre in New York City’s East Side.

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Popeye Museum – Chester, Illinois

The Popeye Museum in Chester, Illinois thrills fans of the popular cartoon character with memorabilia representing almost every era and incarnation of pop culture’s most recognizable sailor.

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Museum of Things – Berlin, Germany

The Museum der Dinge – Museum of Things – in Berlin, Germany houses a collection of toys, housewares, decor, furniture, and other objects of everyday life manufactured in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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Musée des Arts Forains – Paris, France

Musée des Arts Forains – Museum of Fairground Arts – is a colourful and lively museum committed to preserving the history of carnivals and fairgrounds from around the world.

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McDonald’s Museum – San Bernadino, California

The McDonald’s Museum, located along Route 66 in San Bernadino, offers visitors a look at the history of McDonald’s through toys, signs, packaging, and other vintage memorabilia associated with the fast-food giant.

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