Jenny Serfecz, My Little Pony

Jenny Serfecz collects My Little Pony figures and accessories. Here, she shares the role her grandmother played in establishing her collection and how the “need it now” mindset can work against collectors.

Soupie, Keshigomu

Soupie collects keshigomu, mono-coloured plastic figurines also known as keshi. Here, he details the role collecting has played in his life, and the importance of establishing a trusted network of fellow collectors.

Jenny Crowther, Crayons

Jenny Crowther collects Crayola crayons and other art supplies. In this edition of Collector Spotlight, she explains the experience that got her started as a collector at the age of eight and shares a word of warning about a harmful crayon ingredient.

Kerchie, Polly Pocket

Kerchie collects vintage Polly Pocket compacts from the 1990s. In this edition of Collector Spotlight, she explains how growing up in the Philippines shaped her interest in Polly Pocket and why she’s unafraid to repaint and restore items in her collection. 

Mary Wernke, Skipper Dolls

Mary Wernke collects dolls from Mattel’s Barbie brand, including Barbie’s long line of family and friends. In this edition of Collector Spotlight, Wernke shares her early start as a collector and why she focuses on Skipper, Barbie’s younger sister.

Mark Bergin, Tin Toy Robots and Space Vehicles

Mark Bergin evolved from punk musician to toy collector then dealer of rare tin toy collectables. In this edition of Collector Spotlight, Bergin explains how he became a trusted dealer and shares his tips for collecting.

Paul Scardino, Funko Pop!

Paul Scardino holds the Guinness World Record for his collection of Funko Pop! figures. In this edition of Collector Spotlight, Scardino shares details about some of his most highly prized figures and explains why it’s important to have family buy-in when it comes to establishing a large collection.

Larry Franks, Dukes of Hazard

Larry Franks is renowned for his Dukes of Hazzard collection of memorabilia. Here, he shares his early fascination with the television show and explains how his relationships with the cast of the show have cemented his reputation as an authority on all things Dukes.

Fred Weichmann, Diecast Vehicles & Autographs

Fred Weichmann collects vehicles and has celebrities autograph them for a one-of-a-kind collection. Here, he shares details about how his passion led him to meet Adam West, Frank Gorshin, Van Williams, Larry Dixon, and other well-known personalities.

Clark Risley, Mr. Potato Head

Clark Risley has amassed an impressive collection of Mr. Potato Head objects since he began collecting twelve years ago. Here, he explains how he got his start with the toy spud and shares a resource that no one else has mentioned in all our years of talking with collectors.

Bruce Pascal, Hot Wheels

Bruce Pascal has curated the rarest Hot Wheels collection in the world and wrote the book on Hot Wheels prototypes. Here, he dishes on details about his massive collection and shares his dying wish related to the hobby.

Ben Meier, Transformers

Ben Meier shares details about his Transformers collection, his role at the Transformerland website, and highlights the similarities between Generation 1 collectibles and early Star Wars toys.