Can-Doo from Aurora (1970)

Company: Aurora | Release date: 1970 | # of players: 2+ | Where to purchase: eBay

Can you Can-Doo?

Released in 1970 from Aurora, the Can-Doo game challenged two or more players to test their moxie by sliding cans out of a stacked display.

The game consisted of 26 plastic cans, each adorned with a Campbell’s Soup label, plus a deck of Can-Doo playing cards. To start the game, the cards were shuffled, and the cans were stacked in a pyramid.

Players took turns drawing a card and attempting to remove the matching can from the stack. If the can is successfully extracted, the player keeps the can and scores the points indicated on the card. If, during a turn, a single can falls from the stack, it is placed back into the pyramid, the card is returned to the bottom of the card deck, and zero points are scored. If more than one can falls from the stack, the game ends with the player who upset the pyramid receiving zero points for the round.

The player with the highest point score wins the game.