Bionic Woman with Mission Purse from Kenner (1977)

In 1977, Kenner released a second-edition Jaime Somers doll in its ongoing promotion of the Bionic toy line based on The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman television shows.

Modelled after Lindsay Wagner, star of The Bionic Woman, the 12 ½-inch doll’s changes were primarily cosmetic. Jaime was outfitted in a blue jumpsuit, red platform shoes, and a colour-coordinated Mission Purse.

The purse stored a cosmetic case complete with “make-up,” mirror, brush, and comb and was also “loaded for adventure” thanks to the inclusion of maps, a code book, a confidential mission assignment, a wallet with photo ID cards, credit card, and cash.

Like its predecessor, the new doll was fully articulated, including Bionic Modules in the right arm and both legs. It emitted  a clicking sound when the head was turned, a simulation of Jaime’s Bionic ear.