Big Loader Construction Set from TOMY (1977)

Company: Tomy | Release date: 1977 | Where to purchase: eBay

“The construction set that does it all.”

Released by Tomy in 1997, the Big Loader Construction Set put children in charge of their own construction site.

The set came with 12 road sections that connected for over eight running feet of track in a layout of approximately two square feet. Children aged 5 to 11 could work on the site with a dump truck, skip loader, and scoop lifter each powered via a motorized chassis and two AA batteries.

The vehicles performed standard construction site activities: loading, filling, scooping, hauling, and dumping a series of plastic “rocks” (marbles) provided in the set. A delivery chute, loading dock, and elevated transfer ramp further added to the fun.

Switches integrated into various sections of the track allowed junior hardhats to control the direction of the vehicles, including reversing direction as the job required.

After disappearing from store shelves, the Big Loader Construction Set was re-released by Tomy in the late 1980s. Retooled versions of the set, branded with John Deere and Thomas and Friends, followed.

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