Big Jim U.S. Olympic Ski Run from Mattel (1974)

Released in 1974 from Mattel, the Big Jim U.S. Olympic Ski Run brought “scarifying ski jumps and downhill runs” to the 10-inch action figure line.

The playset was massive and included a ramp that extended over 6 feet in length and a starting platform that was 25-inches tall. The ramp did double duty, allowing children to choose between runs or jumps via a simple adjustment.

The base beneath the starting platform included a Skiers Ready Room and a Judges Control Area. Decorative flags and safety railings completed the setup. Mattel provided a set of boots, skis, poles, and two “gold” medals that could be used interchangeably with the entire action figure line, including Big Jim Big Jack, Big Josh, Big Jeff, and Dr. Steel action figures.