• Bert 'N Ernie Radio, Concept 2000
  • Sesame Street Radio, Concept 2000
  • Bert 'N Ernie Radio, Concept 2000

Bert ‘N Ernie Radio from Concept 2000 (1976)

Company: Concept 2000 | Release date: 1976 | Where to purchase: eBay

Released in 1976 by Concept 2000, the Bert ‘N Ernie radio let kids control their soundscape with a radio shaped like two of Sesame Street’s most beloved characters.

The Bert and Ernie characters were made from PVC and sat atop a green plastic base adorned with the Sesame Street logo. The base also contained two control dials (one for power and volume and the other for tuning), the speaker, and a compartment for a single nine-volt battery required to power the unit.

The radio came with a carry strap for kids on the go. ​Concept 2000 also produced Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird portable radios as part of the collection. The company was known for its licensed products, which also included Raggedy Ann and Andy, Peanuts, Mork and Mindy, Barbie, Mickey Mouse, and Godzilla.

In addition to children’s radios, the company produced clocks, bike radios, cassette recorders, record players, and other objects.


The Bert ‘N Ernie Radio can readily be found on the secondary market. Be sure to check the integrity of the battery compartment — leaky batteries could corrode the connectors, making the radio unplayable.

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