Batmobile From Corgi Toys (1966)

Released in 1966, the Corgi 267 Batmobile was a 1:43 scale diecast model car introduced in concert with the 1966 Batman TV series starring Adam West.

The car was painted mat black and featured wheels adorned with bat symbols engraved on the wheel hubs and doors. A highly detailed cockpit featured hand-painted figures of Batman and Robin at the controls, along with a molded Bat-Phone, dual antennas, and simulated flashing beacon.

To assist the dynamic duo with their crime-fighting exploits, the 267 was equipped with several gadgets, including a working chain slasher blade operated from a secret button on the bonnet and triple rocket launchers fired from a hidden mechanism located at the rear of the cockpit. The car’s back was also equipped with a jet exhaust that “flared” when the vehicle was in motion. Engraved on the chassis of the Batmobile was a full-length illustration of Batman.

Many variants of the 267 were released over the years that featured slight variations of body styles. In total, Corgi produced almost 5 million diecast Batmobile cars between 1966 and 1983.