Barbie Fashion Designer CD-ROM from Mattel (1996)

Company: Mattel | Release date: 1996 | Ages: 6+ | Where to purchase: eBay

Released in 1996 by Mattel Media, the Barbie Fashion Designer CD-ROM allowed children to create custom clothes for their Barbie dolls.


A home computer and printer was needed to design and print a variety of new outfits for Barbie dolls.

The CD-ROM contained software that allowed children to select clothing items such as dresses, vacation wear, career outfits, gowns, and more. An additional menu in the visual interface offered pattern and colour options.

Once the child was happy with their creation, the design was printed on printer-compatible fabric (a thin layer of fabric attached to paper that peeled away after printing). Additional embellishments could be added once the outfit was assembled.

The kit came with enough supplies to produce up to 8 outfits. Barbie sold separately.


The computer game came complete with CD-ROM, 8 sheets of printer-compatible fabric, tulle fabric, glitter fabric, embellishments (sequins, ribbons, and rosettes), 4 coloured markers, adhesive stickers, hook-and-loop tape, 5 pairs of Barbie shoes, and an instruction manual. No sewing was required.

Refill kits were sold separately. These included 8 sheets of printer-compatible fabric, adhesive stickers, and hook-and-loop tape.

The CD-ROM was compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computer operating systems. Mattel Media partnered with Digital Domain — a digital production company co-founded by James Cameron — to create the game.

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