2021 Readers’ Choice: Vintage Advertising (Print Ads)

Toy Tales readers have spoken! Based on website activity and engagement on social media, here’s our top 5 most read print ads in the Vintage Advertising category.

Golferino from Hubley (1962)

Released in 1962 by Hubley, Golferino was a 9-hole tabletop miniature golf course molded in high-impact plastic.

Jewel Magic from Mattel (1975)

When loaded with beads, Jewel Magic produced “oodles of baubles ‘n bangles” at the turn of its handle.

Micronauts from Mego (1976)

The toy line was produced by Mego between 1976 and 1980 and included a series of interchangeable space toys (figures, vehicles, and playsets.)

The Wing Thing from Gilbert Toys (1963)

In 1963, Gilbert released The Wing Thing, an “all-weather flying vehicle” that stood a whopping 36-inches long by 48-inches wide.

Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion Model Kits from MPC (1974)

In 1974, Model Products Corporation (MPC) released four model kits loosely based on the popular Haunted Mansion attraction at Walt Disney’s Disneyland and Magic Kingdom theme parks.