2021 Readers' Choice: Collector Spotlight

2021 Readers’ Choice: Collector Spotlight

Toy Tales readers have spoken! Based on website activity and engagement on social media, here’s our top 5 most read articles in the Collector Spotlight category.

Larry Franks
Dukes of Hazzard

Larry Franks is renowned for his Dukes of Hazzard collection of memorabilia. Here, he shares his early fascination with the television show and explains how his relationships with the cast of the show have cemented his reputation as an authority on all things Dukes.

Linda Guillory
Gaming Systems

Linda Guillory holds two Guinness World Record titles for her collection of gaming systems. In this edition of Collector Spotlight, she explains the role a house fire played in her approach to collecting and shares her thoughts on the recent record-breaking auction prices for some games.

Bruce Pascal
Hot Wheels

Bruce Pascal has curated the rarest Hot Wheels collection in the world and wrote the book on Hot Wheels prototypes. Here, he dishes on details about his massive collection and shares his dying wish related to the hobby.

Stan & Mardi Timm

Mardi Timm and her husband Stan collect novelties. Here, Mardi provides insight into their vast collection and explains the historical significance of collecting.

Mary Wernke
Skipper Dolls

Mary Wernke collects dolls from Mattel’s Barbie brand, including Barbie’s long line of family and friends. In this edition of Collector Spotlight, Wernke shares her early start as a collector and why she focuses on Skipper, Barbie’s younger sister.


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