2020 Toy & Game International Innovation Summit: Day Five Recap

The fifth and final day of the annual weeklong Toy & Game International Innovation Summit focused on trends and the future of play.

Industry Trends and the Future of Play

The keynote panel pondered the future of storytelling, the evolution of content platforms, and the importance of resilience within the industry.

Key takeaways include: crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter are democratising the toy industry by giving creators direct access to consumers; the pandemic will affect the ways in which we approach play, even as vaccines promise the end of physical distancing and lockdown measures; and, overnight success is a myth.

Trends, Future of Play

Six panel discussions about trends in the toy, game, and play industries and the future of play followed throughout the day, including:

  • State of the Industry Worldwide
  • Logistics, Supply Chains and Manufacturing – Where is it Going 
  • Design Trends – Products and Packaging
  • New Digital Media: Who Is the Audience and How to Reach Them
  • Post U.S. Election – What’s Next?
  • Reuben Klamer and Eddy Goldfarb

The panels featured thought leaders, C-suite executives, designers, analysts, media, and others with a deep understanding of the industry, past and present.

Highlights include: how social transformation influences play, product development, and marketing; why toy and game inventors need to think two years into the future when developing their ideas; and, the presence of inspiration in our everyday lives. Also, a very special conversation took place between two industry legends, toy and game inventors Reuben Klamer and Eddy Goldfarb. The two spoke about their starts in the industry as World War II ended, their belief that positivity is key to longevity in any creative industry, and why they could never set aside their love of invention. Good news: both gentlemen are writing books about their lives and experiences.

TAGIE Awards

The Toy & Game International Excellence (TAGIE) Awards took place after the Toy & Game International Innovation Summit officially ended. Now in its thirteenth year, the TAGIEs celebrate individuals in the industry who have made significant contributions to the world of play. View a list of the finalists and meet the award winners. The event also recognizes individuals and organizations with long-term achievement in the industry. This year, the TAGIEs honoured Ernõ Rubik, Norman and Arlene Fabricant, and The Roachy Fund.

Chicago Toy & Game Fair

Held annually in Chicago (and virtually this year), the toy and game fair offers toy and game inventors to meet leaders in the play industry. Young inventors have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to established companies as attendees network, play, and learn together in an encouraging environment. Learn more about the Fair.

More Information

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