2020 Toy & Game International Innovation Summit: Day Four Recap

2020 Toy & Game International Innovation Summit: Day Four Recap

Day four of the annual weeklong Toy & Game International Innovation Summit focused on marketing, PR, and social media.

Beijing to Paris Race and More!

Industry veterans, Adi Golad (Goliath) and Gerry Crown (Crown & Andrews), launched day four with a heartfelt conversation about their time in the play industry and their experiences building their own companies. The peers spoke about inspiration, the keys to happiness, and of course, the industry in general. Their advice for entrepreneurs: go and do it! But, be authentic in your approach and the relationships you foster along the way.

Key takeaways include: there’s no success without failure (a sentiment echoed by Spin Master during Wednesday’s keynote discussion); selling toys and games takes massive effort and you have to put in the hard work if you want to succeed; and, even a small differentiator in a product can mean the difference between a consumer hit or miss.

Marketing, PR, and Social Media

Six panel discussions about the role of marketing, PR, and social media in the toy, game, and play industries followed throughout the day, including:

  • Public Relations Has Changed!
  • Social Media Tips and Tricks for Brands, Companies and Inventors
  • Working with Influencers
  • Inventor and Tabletop Media Networks
  • Global Perspective: Future of Toy Fairs and International Markets
  • Activism and Inclusion in our Industry

The panels featured creative directors, influencers, YouTube personalities, podcasters, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, content creators, and others working in the industry.

Highlights include: how the pandemic offers opportunities to connect in different – and perhaps more meaningful ways – with consumers; the all-important “pester power” factor in kids getting their parents to buy new toys and games; the increasing presence of social media influencers in the lives of young consumers; and, being intentional in our conversations about improving diversity in the industry.

Speed Pitch

The day ended with a two-hour speed-pitch session in which new inventors and design students pitched their toy and game ideas to industry insiders.

More Information

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