Yoga Joes: Series 2 Green

Little Green Army Men are practicing self-care, thanks to creator Dan Abramson’s new set, Yoga Joes: Series 2 Green. The set includes seven additions to the Joes team — including a female soldier and a dog — each in a classic yoga pose: Eagle, Wheel, Happy Baby, Peaceful Warrior, Plank, Triangle Pose, and Downward-facing Battle Dog.

The reflective green figures range from 1”-3” in height and continue to be manufactured from rigid, ABS plastic – the same material used to fabricate modern LEGO bricks. Series 2 Green comes packaged in a clear plastic Zen yoga studio with a faux bamboo floor and bonus green yoga mat.

The peaceful menagerie checks in at $25 USD. They can be ordered directly from the Yoga Joes online store or Amazon.

Company: Yoga Joes | Available: Now | Price: $25.00 USD