World’s Smallest Barbie Dreamhouse 1978 from Super Impulse

The Barbie Dreamhouse has undergone a variety of transformations since it was first introduced in 1962, each change reflecting one or more design trends. Recently, Super Impulse has turned the iconic 1978 A-Frame Dreamhouse model into a tiny home.

The miniaturized toy house measures 4.5 x 1.5 x 3.5 inches, comes with three railings, and two sheets of removable stickers. The décor stickers allow children ages 6 and up to customize each room and reflect the modern furniture found in the original. One of three miniature Barbies (Malibu, Swimsuit, and Totally Hair) is included in each package, so fans can aim to collect all three variants.

The World’s Smallest Barbie Dreamhouse 1978 checks in at $6.99 USD and is available from a variety of online retailers or directly from the Super Impulse Amazon storefront.

Company: Super Impulse | Available: Now | Price: $6.99 USD