White’s Guide to Collecting Figures

In the mid-1990s, Richmond, Virginia-based Collecting Concepts Inc. published White’s Guide to Collecting Figures for collectors of action figures, sports figurines, and other character collectibles.

The magazine’s creator was Ernie White, who was also the founder and former publisher of Tuff Stuff magazine. Issues of White’s Guide to Collecting Figures were heavily focused on the investment side of figure collection. Price guides, investment pics, lists of “hot” figures, and shopping guides were a regular part of the magazine’s editorial mission. The cover of each issue often featured a beauty shot of a highly detailed action figure.

Issues of White’s Guide to Collecting Figures varied widely in page count, running between 80 – 300 pages. In the later years, the magazine billed itself as “the hobby’s most complete and accurate price guide.” While prices have certainly changed since White’s Guide was regularly published, cracking open an issue is a true nostalgia trip and many of the collecting tips contained within its pages still ring true to this day.

The first issue of White’s Guide was published in January 1995. Issues were published monthly, culminating with issue 59 in November 1999. While the magazine is no longer in print, individual issues can be easily located on eBay.