What’s It Worth? on A&E

The value of a collectible, such as a vintage toy, involves two distinct and often opposing factors: what someone is willing to pay to acquire it, and what it’s worth to the person who owns it. What’s it Worth?, a new series from A&E, attempts to bridge these forces. Hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, the show “scours the country in search of hidden treasures held by everyday people who are hoping to strike it big.”

On the surface, What’s it Worth? follows a similar blueprint to the long-standing Antiques Roadshow on PBS – reviewing and evaluating the value of an object while also allowing viewers to hear the personal stories behind them. This new show adds a COVID-19 twist to the genre, as Foxworthy’s team of expert appraisers offer assessments from the comfort of their own homes, inspecting and authenticating each collectible remotely.

While What’s it Worth? doesn’t exclusively focus on vintage toys and games, the first two 30-minute episodes include assessments of a giant display baby and a vintage Donkey Kong arcade game.

As part of A&E’s Summer 2020 lineup, What’s it Worth? is scheduled for 10 episodes. A follow-up series, What’s it Worth? Live, is planned for the Fall. It will allow US-based viewers to “bid on and purchase an array of extremely rare, intriguing, and valuable personal treasures sold by everyday Americans in a real-time marketplace.”