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Wacky Races Micro Scalextric Mini Racing Set

Company: Scalextric
Available: Now
Price: £54.99

A classic battle of good vs. evil takes centre stage in the officially licensed Wacky Races Scalextric Mini Racing Set.

Based on the animated television series from Hanna-Barbera that ran for a single season in 1968, the 1:64-scale racing set pits villain, Dick Dastardly and his sneering sidekick dog, Mutley in their Mean Machine, against the dashing alpha hero, Peter Perfect, in his Turbo Terrific car.

The Micro Scalextric set is battery operated and comes with approximately 13-feet of track that can be configured in nine different layouts, including stunts and loops. A set of Speed Limiter hand controllers gives racers manually adjustable speed control. Each car is also equipped with Magnatraction, a design feature that uses magnets for added traction.

Fans can expand the set by adding a third car; Penelope Pitstop’s Compact Pussycat car is sold separately.

The Wacky Races Scalextric Mini Racing Set is available from a variety of online resellers as well as on the Scalextric online store for £54.99. Adding Penelope Pitstop’s car is an additional £12.99.

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