Wacky Packages Minis from Super Impulse

Wacky Packages sticker packs are back — and miniaturized — in the form of Wacky Packages Minis from Super Impulse.

Kids in the 1970s and ’80s enthusiastically collected and traded the eyebrow-raising Wacky Packages stickers by Topps. Topps was known for its spoofs of consumer products, such as Crest toothpaste (Crust) and Jell-O (Jail-O). Now, Super Impulse takes the Wacky Packages idea one step further.

Known for its World’s Smallest line of toys and collectibles, Super Impulse’s re-imagining of Wacky Packages includes tiny 3D plastic spoofs of original products plus six brand-new items. Examples¬†include Weakies (Wheaties), Scram (Spam), Dr. Pooper (Dr. Pepper), and other instantly recognizable products.

Sold as blind cups (like a blind bag but in a plastic cup), Wacky Packages Minis are designed to appeal to a new generation of kids while entertaining older generations with a hit of nostalgia. Each blind cup contains five 3D mini products, one Wacky Packages sticker, and a colourful fold-out checklist of all 66 items available in the Series 1 release.

A single cup retails for $5.99; double-cups sell for $11.99. They are currently available at Amazon and Target, with Walmart expected to carry the line in October 2020.

Company: Super Impulse | Available: Now | Price: from $5.99 USD