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Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station – Vulcan, Alberta

Located about 90 minutes south of Calgary, Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station is the Town of Vulcan’s tourist information centre and gateway to Vulcan’s celebration of Star Trek culture.

Designed to resemble a spacecraft, Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station is home to a fine collection of Star Trek memorabilia. Vistors to the Station can try on Star Trek costumes for photos, pose with cardboard versions of their favourite characters, admire official props, and marvel at the effort the Town makes to invite visitors into their community. While the Town doesn’t take its name from Star Trek – it’s named after the Roman God of Fire – it fully embraces its connection to the popular science fiction franchise.

As Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station tells visitors, the prime time to visit Vulcan is during Vul-Con, the Town’s annual Star Trek convention. Special guests, a costume parade, and gathering of the Red Shirt Union make the convention a popular tourist draw. Vulcan also boasts a replica of the Starship Enterprise, a bronze bust of Captain Spock, Leonard Nimoy’s hand impression (taken during the actor’s visit to Vulcan), and a large hand-painted mural honouring Star Trek characters. The Town has even adopted the Starfleet insignia as their logo.

While Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station should be your first stop in Vulcan, there’s no shortage of interesting sights to take in. The Town’s commitment to engaging visitors in a fun and unique way make Vulcan, Alberta a top destination for Star Trek fans and those who appreciate the unexpected.

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