• Voltron 40th Anniversary Classic ‘84 Lions, Playmates Toys
  • Voltron Lions, Playmates Toys

Voltron 40th Anniversary Classic ‘84 Lions from Playmates Toys

“Form Voltron!”

Celebrate four decades of Voltron’s legendary legacy with the 40th Anniversary Classic ’84 Lions collection from Playmates Toys, available exclusively from Target. This year marks a monumental milestone for the franchise and what better way to let the good times roll than by assembling your very own version of the show’s titular mecha?

Originally conceived by visionary network executive Ted Koplar, Voltron: Defender of the Universe was a joint venture between World Events Productions and Toei Animation looking to capitalize on the visually striking animation industry flourishing in Japan. Premiering in September of 1984, the series quickly captivated audiences with its dynamic design and gripping story, which focused on a fearless team of heroes piloting a fleet of combinable lions in their battles with the nefarious Drule Empire. Once united, they would form the mighty Voltron. The series became one of the top-rated children’s television shows in North America, birthed one of the most beloved media franchises of all time, and become a cornerstone of 1980s popular culture.

In commemoration of this notable journey, Playmates Toys has faithfully recreated the lions with a look-and-feel that harkens back to the originals. Each of the five fully articulated figures — black, red, green, blue, and yellow — is meticulously engineered, allowing fans and collectors to relive the excitement of the seminal series. The fun doesn’t end there! Unleash the full power of Voltron as you transform and unite all five robots to assemble a 16-inch incarnation of this legendary guardian. Each lion also comes ready for battle with an array of authentic extras that include everything from spring-loaded missiles and beam emitters to jaw blades, laser cannons, and more. Moreover, the Red and Green Lions, which transform to become Voltron’s arms, are packaged with the iconic Blazing Sword and shield — essential elements within the arsenal of the awesome automaton!

The heart of this spectacular collection is the awe-inspiring Black Lion. Majestic and formidable, the imposing figure not only forms the head and torso of Voltron, but also boasts built-in electronics that deliver over 60 phrases and sound effects taken straight from the television show!

Crafted to withstand the rigours of both display and play, the Voltron 40th Anniversary Classic ‘84 Lions are the ultimate tribute to this cultural phenomenon. Available now only at Target, each figure is priced at $19.99 USD, with the larger Black Lion offered at $29.99 USD. For the ultimate aficionado, a special five-piece collector’s set is available for $99.99 USD.

This spring, join the ranks of Voltron fans around the world for an unforgettable journey across the cosmos. Will you answer the call to action and defend the universe once more?

Company: Target | Available: Now | Where to Buy: Target | Price: starting at $19.99 USD