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UNO Premium 50th Anniversary Edition from Mattel

UNO is marking its 50th anniversary this year and Mattel is releasing a new collection of celebratory renditions of the classic fast-paced card game. One of the company’s core releases is a premium Golden Anniversary edition.

The 50th Anniversary Edition ships in a specially designed box and includes a set of black cards with a matte finish. A new commemorative golden medallion collector coin and exclusive 50/50 card are integrated into gameplay via a special set of rules.

With an upscale look-and-feel and new rules, this version of UNO continues to support 2 to 10 players at a time and retains the classic declaration of “UNO!” when a player is down to a single card.

UNO Premium 50th Anniversary Edition is available exclusively at Walmart at a cost of $15 USD.

Company: Mattel | Available: Now | Price: $15.00 USD

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