TT:120 Train Series from Hornby

Hornby is pulling into the station with something new! For the first time in over 50 years, the UK-based manufacturer has announced a brand-new 1:120 scale of model railway that will allow modern hobbyists to build impressive layouts even with limited space.

The new table top (TT) range is smaller than the traditional ‘00’ models, but still easily handled by both young and old alike. The TT:120 series can be accommodated on a much smaller baseboard, which can in turn easily be stored underneath a bed. The tracks no longer have to be built within the confines of a damp, cold garage. Rather, they can now be assembled within the warmth and comfort of your home or other indoor spaces.

Continuing a tradition that began more than a century ago, Hornby is offering an entire assortment of TT:120 products consisting of various train sets, carriages, wagons, a comprehensive track system, buildings and multiple accessories. However, this is just the beginning. In a video posted to its official YouTube channel, the company teased that many more TT:120 products are on the way.

Hornby promises that a plan is in place to continue the TT:120 range for years to come: “This is not a flash in the pan…, we’ve dived in, and we’ve dived in deep.”

“We have been developing Hornby TT:120 for several years, and it represents a substantial investment,” explains Simon Kohler, Marketing and Product Development director for the company. “Hornby TT:120 provides many solutions for those who really want to create a model railway but have little or no space for the larger ‘00’ size. The hobby is enjoying fresh interest since the Covid lockdown days, and there really is no creative pastime that can provide so much enjoyment, while learning about social history, logistics, physics, architecture, topography – the list just goes on.” 

He continues: “The days of the hobby being male-dominated are disappearing fast. Hornby TT:120 is well and truly aimed at all genders and is a creative pastime for the whole family to enjoy.”

Hornby has stocked its warehouses full of the new product, which will start to arrive on store shelves before the end of December. The company is also looking to break free from its traditional form of distribution and will be selling and shipping the numerous TT:120 products via its own dedicated online service.

Customers are also encouraged to join the official Hornby TT:120 Club, where they can enjoy benefits that include an automatic 15% discount on all  purchases. Free postage and packaging within the United Kingdom is also offered.

“Such a marketing approach will allow us to talk directly with the end user, so as the system grows we can accurately tailor the product development to their requirements,” explains Kohler.

It certainly looks as though some exciting times are ahead for UK model railway fans!

Company: Hornby | Available: December 2022 | Price: $2-$257 USD