Truly You! Character Creator from Spin Master

Young fashionistas and creatives can bring a diverse range of characters to life with the Truly You! Character Creator from Spin Master.

The art kit reimagines Fashion Plates from Tomy (1978) for a new generation. A more inclusive cast of characters allows a wider range of children to see themselves and those around them in the picture. The 6 characters include a Paralympic athlete, a gender-fluid content creator, a non-binary healthcare worker, and others.

The all-in-one activity set includes a plastic plate case with storage, 9 double-sided plates, 11 coloured pencils, 1 black rubbing crayon, 6 collectible character cards, and instructions.

Truly You! Character Creator is the result of a collaboration with Toronto-based 6ix Academy, a socially conscious entrepreneurial youth program.

Company: Spin Master | Available: Now | Price: $19.99 USD