Transformers Collaborative: Tonka Mash-Up from Hasbro

Hasbro Pulse has announced a new addition to the Transformers Collaborative product line: a mashup between the transforming mecha toys and Tonka construction vehicles.

The set consists of six classic yellow deco-inspired Tonka toys that convert from robot to construction vehicle mode in 4 or 5 steps. Autobot Mega Dozer converts to bulldozer mode, Power Digger converts to digger mode, Autobot Skyhook converts to crane mode, Mega Hauler converts to mighty dump truck mode, Motormix converts to cement mixer mode, and Motorload converts to front end loader mode.

When in robot mode, all six of the Transformers can be combined into a single giant action figure, the heroic Autobot warrior, Tonkanator!

A complete set consists of 6 figures, 2 launchers, 4 missiles, 8 blaster accessories, and printed instructions. Six sticker sheets are included for customizing the figures. Transformers x Tonka sets will be sold exclusively at Target stores. They are available for pre-order at the cost of $104.99 USD with a scheduled shipping date of November 2022.

Company: Hasbro | Available: November 2022 | Price: $104.99 USD