Toys That Time Forgot: A Visual History of Unproduced Action Figures (Volume 2)

Journalist, toy collector, and author Blake Wright returns to the world of un-produced action figures with Toys That Time Forgot Volume 2. Like its predecessor, Wright’s follow-up tops 200 pages and is the result of another successful Kickstarter campaign.

Volume 2 showcases a new collection of 24 toy lines that made it into development but didn’t make it onto retail shelves. The book follows the structure of Volume 1, with three main sections: The Golden Age (1980s), Darker Times (1990s), and The Gilded Age (2000s).

Wright aptly calls Toys That Time Forgot Volume 2 an art/history book. From its dust jacket to end-sheets and glossy interior pages, it’s a joy to hold and read despite the sometimes painful stories it documents.

The narrative for each ill-fated action figure line is supplemented with high-quality sketches, correspondence, pictures of the production process, and photos of existing prototypes. The stories are drawn straight from the men and women in the toy industry who lived them, the result of Wright’s two-year journey to curate them.

My personal favourite stories from Volume 2 are the un-produced Super Powers action figures from Kenner, Galoob’s oh-so-close The Last Starfighter line of toys, and the great-idea-turned-hot-mess of Matchbox’s MAXx FX.

Toys That Time Forgot Volume 2 was produced in limited quantities and can be purchased online at BigBadToyStore for $49.99 USD, or direct from the author.

Wright is promising to produce Volume 3 by February, 2021. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Author: Blake Wright | Publication date: December 2019 | Pages: 229 | Format: Hardcover