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Toys: 100 Years of All-American Toy Ads

Authors: Jim Heimann, Steven Heller
Publication date: July 2021
ISBN: 978-3836566551
Pages: 528
Format: Hardcover

Toys: 100 Years of All-American Toy Ads, a new book from German publisher, Taschen, offers a century-size snapshot of advertising in the toy industry.

Over the course of 528 pages, co-authors Jim Heimann and Steven Heller bring readers along on “a stroll down the aisles of America’s toy store.” The book is organized chronologically and provides a nostalgic mix of still-iconic toys and forgettable fads, including train sets, dolls, novelty items, and video games. The timeline format of the book reflects what was happening in the United States over time and highlights the rise of mass production, “big plastic,” and consumerism in the country.

Reproduced advertisements are presented in various sizes, allowing for imagery and ad copy to be perused at the same time. While the accompanying text is minimal, the authors provide some background in English, French, and German on many of the toys featured.

Toys: 100 Years of All-American Toy Ads is available for pre-order now for $40 USD. It is scheduled to be released this month.

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