Link Roundup: Stephen King, Wonder Woman, Barbie, and more

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. The Stephen King-inspired fan art at this Hollywood art gallery is everything you’d hope it to be and so much more.
  2. A look back at the Barbie Liberation Organization and their tactics to awaken consumers.
  3. William Marston Moulton gets all the credit, but there’s more to ’s history.
  4. Even Charlie Brown has toxic friends.
  5. $11 million was spent on Star Wars in 1977. A fascinating look at film budgets adjusted for inflation.
  6. This Finnish man made the world’s largest fidget spinner. Let’s see what teachers say about bringing that into the classroom.
  7. Artist Brandon Avant reimagines our favourite cartoon characters as grown-ups.
  8. LEGO Dimensions brings some old favourites to life in a new way.

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