Link Roundup: Charlie Brown, Horror-themed Piñatas, IKEA x NASA, and more

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. Here’s the story of how Vince Guaraldi came to compose the music of Charlie Brown.
  2. A behind-the-scenes look at how Sesame Street puppeteers control their puppets.
  3. Etsy store Hang Me Official makes the horror-themed piñatas you didn’t know you needed in your life.
  4. It’s no surprise that they have the process down to a very efficient science: How LEGO bricks are made.
  5. The IKEA x NASA collaboration has us wondering if the retailer will furnish life on Mars.
  6. There’s no shortage of anticipation for LEGO’s Voltron set, but fans will have to wait just a bit longer.
  7. You can now watch the re-mastered 1925 classic ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ on YouTube.
  8. We’ve lost most classic amusement parks to bankruptcy, decay, or fire but there a few still standing.

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