Link Roundup: Vincent Van Gogh Action Figure Edition

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. There is a Kickstarter campaign for a Vincent Van Gogh action figure, complete with a removable ear.
  2. Relive the excitement you had as a child for Christmas catalogs through
  3. It looks like it is game over for the Monopoly thimble.
  4. Take a lesson on how to fold a paper airplane from the guy who holds the Guinness world record for flying distance.
  5. Vinyl record mail-order-clubs are back, thanks to Experience Vinyl
  6. You can help make a Mystery Science Theater 3000 LEGO set a reality.
  7. Battleship gets a Cubist spin in the Dazzleship Battleships game from Laurence King Publications.
  8. Devo emojis are now available through iTunes. Nuff said.

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