Link Roundup: Adult Coloring Book Edition

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. Marvel is releasing three new coloring books for adults.
  2. For the next academic year, Cambridge University is hiring a new Professor of LEGO.
  3. A man listened to ABBA’s Dancing Queen for five consecutive hours while driving and survived!
  4. When science meets marketing: watch a paleontologist critique dinosaur toys.
  5. Raggedy Ann is 100. Aurora is celebrating with limited editions & special events.
  6. Haven’t seen Jurassic World yet? Check out this 8-Bit version of Jurassic Park and get up to speed on the plot.
  7. Retro computing to the max! There’s a 30-year-old Commodore Amiga still powering a school district’s heating system.
  8. Here are some instructions on how to play your Atari 2600 on a modern television.