Link Roundup: Schoolhouse Rock Edition

8 things we wanted to share this week:

  1. I’m just a bill! 15 things you might not know about Schoolhouse Rock.
  2. It’s time for a mashup alert when Doctor Who meets Dr. Seuss.
  3. January 18th was Winnie the Pooh Day. Indulge.
  4. Imagine producing that important report on your very own toy typewriter from Marx.
  5. Ravensburger acquires wooden train maker Brio – a merger of 2 companies over 100 years old.
  6. Long live Lady Penolope! A board game is being produced based on the Thunderbirds TV series.
  7. Look at that detailing! Volkswagon buses get tricked out with superhero makeovers.
  8. Remember Kool-Aid Man? A study has been done to see if he’s actually able to break through a brick wall.