Tomart’s Action Figure Digest

Founded by Tom Tumbusch, Tomart Publications published a wide variety of books and magazines about action figures, model cars, and Disneyana. One of the company’s most notable magazines was Tomart’s Action Figure Digest, which appeared on newsstands and bookstore shelves from 1991-2015.

The periodical’s production schedule varied over the years from monthly, to 9 times a year, to bi-monthly, for a total of 208 issues. Each issue was a compendium of advertising, photography, and feature-length articles on action-figure toy lines past and present. Interviews with the creators and companies behind a line provided collectors with an insider’s view to the design and production process. A portion of the magazine was routinely devoted to giving a sneak peek at manufacturers’ future releases, especially around major events like the New York Toy Fair.

Tomart Publications folded shortly after the founder’s death in July 2016. Back issues of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest remain readily available on reseller sites like eBay and Etsy.