Toho Godzilla ReAction Figures: Wave 1 from Super7

Godzilla enthusiasts can add to their menagerie of Kaiju collectibles thanks to a new wave of ReAction figures from Super7.

Super7’s ReAction line is modeled after Kenner’s carded action-figure lines from the 1970s. Each 3¾-inch-high figure is simply sculpted with the five-point articulation of its vintage counterparts. Figures are mounted on retro-designed blister card packaging.

Inspired by the Japanese film production and distribution company, Toho, Wave 1 includes six iconic figures from the company’s more than 30 Godzilla films: Godzilla ’54, Godzilla ’57, Mechagodzilla ’74, Jet Jaguar, Mothra, and Rodan. Each comes in a colour scheme based on its film appearances.

All six figures are available for order directly from the Super7 e-store at the cost of $18.00 USD each. Shipping is set to commence Mid-July, 2022.

Company: Super7 | Available: Now | Price: $18.00 USD