ThunderCats ReAction Figures from Super7

Fans of the animated television series, ThunderCats, can add ReAction figures from Super7 to add to their Third Earth collections.

Super7’s ReAction line is modeled after Kenner’s carded action figure lines from the 1970s. Each simply sculpted figure is 3-¾ inches high with the five-point articulation of their vintage counterparts. Figures are mounted on retro-designed blister card packaging.

Inspired by the original ThunderCats action figures from LJN in the 1980s, Super7’s ReAction variants have been released in two waves. The first consisted of six figures: Cheetra, Jackalman, Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Panthro, and Slithe. Each comes with character-specific accessories and a similar LJN color scheme.

Wave 2 added Grune the Destroyer, Jaga, Monkian, Snowman of Hook Mountain, Tygra, and an alternate version of Mumm-Ra.

All twelve figures are available for order directly from the Super7 e-store at a cost of $18.00 USD each.

Company: Super7 | Available: Now | Price: $18.00 USD