TheDominoKing YouTube channel features one artist’s quest to replicate some of the most recognizable characters from the world of classic video games using only dominoes.

Dominoes originated in China sometime in the 12th century–the precise year is a contested issue. Though originally a game, dominoes have more recently been adopted by legions of creative people who use the tiny rectangular objects to create temporary works of art with complex patterns. These works are built to fall and fans of the process turn out in droves to live events and a plethora of YouTube channels to witness the process. TheDominoKing is one such YouTube channel.

Earning over 113.4 million views since its inception in 2011, the channel features the work of the domino artist known as TheDominoKing. The artist uses pop culture and video games as inspiration for detailed designs of Buzz and Woody, Pokemon, Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, Sonic The Hedgehog, Rick and Morty, along with other well-known characters. TheDominoKing channel consistently releases content–22 videos and over a million dominoes used in 2019 alone–that keeps viewers coming back to see the artist’s latest creations, which often take months of work to put together.

It’s hard to resist the vision of falling dominoes and the clickity-click sound of the falling tiles. Fans of ASMR may also find the channel appealing.