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The Space Gamer

The Space Gamer was a print magazine published between 1975 and 1985 that showcased fantasy and role-playing board games.

Published by board-game maker Metagaming Concepts as a quarterly print magazine, the first issue of The Space Gamer was a 16-page booklet that sold for just $1. The magazine promoted gaming properties owned by Metagaming Concepts and other fantasy-related board and role-playing games. The Space Gamer quickly garnered attention and fans, winning the 1977 Charles S. Roberts Award for Best Semiprofessional Magazine. Metagaming Concepts relinquished rights to the magazine to renowned game designer Steve Jackson, who left Metagaming Concepts to open his own company. Jackson turned The Space Gamer into a slick monthly production in 1980, a move that saw the title’s influence in the gaming community flourish. The good times didn’t last forever; Jackson sold the magazine in 1985. The magazine’s final issue was published later that year.

Digitized editions of The Space Gamer are available on Internet Archive.

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