The Retroist Podcast

If you’re a retro pop culture enthusiast looking for an entertaining podcast about television classics, toys, and games, The Retroist Podcast is your mothership.

Retroist website creator, Gary Vander Voort, hosts the podcast that expands on what the website does best: personal stories shared through the lens of childhood pastimes. Although the TV, toys, and games always take centre stage, it’s the charming introduction to each episode that draws listeners in. There’s something wonderful about knowing other children also hid their affection for The Smurfs out of fear of being mocked.

This podcast isn’t background noise; The Retroist Podcast shares interesting information that adds life to their subjects. Episodes generally run less than 30 minutes, making them great soundtracks to your commute, dog walk, and evening wind down.

Gateway episodes include The Smurfs (episode 014), Atari 7800 (episode 168), and Xanadu (episode 201).