The Laurel and Hardy Museum – Ulverston, England

Located in Ulverston, England, the birthplace of Stan Laurel, the Laurel & Hardy Museum recognizes the iconic early 20th-century comedy duo.

Established in 1983, the museum had humble beginnings. It was founded by Bill Cubin, a fan of Laurel and Hardy’s slapstick comedy routines and films. Cubin’s collection initially consisted of scrapbooks of photos and eventually grew to fill an entire room in his home. In 2009, the contents from Cubin’s home were moved to the local Roxy cinema in Ulverston, providing more room for expansion.

In addition to being apropos for the subject matter, the 1930s period cinema allows fans to browse photos, artifacts, film props, letters, and other memorabilia related to the duo’s childhood, career, films, and tours. A fully operational 15-seat cinema plays classic Laurel and Hardy films non-stop.

When Cubin passed away in 1997, his daughter, took over museum operations, followed by Cubin’s grandson, Mark.

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