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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

The Lampster

Company: The Lampster
Available: June 2016
Price: $178.00 USD and up

The Lampster is part superhero-themed sculpture and part retro desk lamp.

Created for personal use by Andrew Chivote and Radu Nita, demand from friends and family helped the Lampster project to make its way onto Kickstarter, where it was fully funded in less than 24 hours.

The lamp is made out of an old tractor or bike headlight from the 1960s/1970s. Beneath the retro glass is not one but two LED light sources. A clear bulb is activated by touch and shines white while another RGB bulb can change color. Lampster can be controlled with a smartphone app! He’s also ready to party, as the RGB bulb can be set to pulse to ambient music.

Lampster’s body is made of recycled polyurethane and stands 18-inches tall -more than adequate for desk use. Not only does Lampster sport a distinct “superhero stance”, the body is also functional – it can both balance the headlight and rotate in any direction.

The design duo’s hands-on production approach means that each Lampster gets a custom paint job. You can choose from one of nine hand-painted, UV-resistant colors. On top of this base, initials and/or one of five decals can be added. If logos and initials aren’t your thing, three additional paint styles are available: Army (think industrial), Artsy (think Jackson Pollock), or Duotone (think Lokai from Star Trek: TOS.)

Pre-orders for the Lampster start at $178 with an expected delivery date of June 2016. I chose the army theme in silver.

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