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The Hobbit Café – Houston, Texas

Gollum keeps a watchful eye over patrons at The Hobbit Café.

For almost 50 years, the Hobbit Café has been serving up a slice of Middle Earth to diners in Texas’s largest city.

Originally named The Hobbit Hole Café, the eatery’s shire-chic décor features wooden floors, a decorative mantle, and earth-toned paint colours. Walls are adorned with mystical posters, drawings, and other Lord of the Rings memorabilia. A mounted statue of Gollum watches over patrons from the corner of the restaurant. Guests can also take their revelry outside at a seat on the café’s wrap-around patio.

The food menu is a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian gastropub fare with a Tolkienian twist. Choose from Hobbit-themed sandwiches, burgers, and classic Tex-Mex cuisine. A variety of side dishes and dessert options round out the menu.

As fans of the fantasy series would expect, the Hobbit Café also features an extensive selection of beverages, including a variety of rotating brews on tap, Hobbit-approved wines, and more than 100 bottled beer options.


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