The Art of Stranski - Toy Tales

The Art of Stranski

Company: Lorenzo Etherington through Kickstarter
Available: August 2017
Price: Pledge-based

Who is Stranski? This little-known animator is the creator behind a mystery 1940s animated movie that was never fully realized. British comic-book illustrator Lorenzo Etherington is hoping to shine the light on Stranski through his book The Art of Stranski, currently seeking to fund on Kickstarter.

The Art of Stranski presents full-colour illustrations throughout 100 pages that captivate, puzzle, and draw the reader into an unknown world that is part fairytale, part dystopian nightmare. The hardcover artbook also features a 3D chapter and includes the requisite 3D glasses for full viewing pleasure.

This book appeals to those fond of the unusual and will certainly invite conversation around the coffee table. The Art of Stranski Kickstarter campaign ends on Friday, May 4 at 4pm EDT.

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