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The 2019 Star Wars Collection from Adidas

Company: Adidas
Available: November 2019
Price: $70-140 USD

Sneakerheads can now wear The Force on their feet thanks to a collaboration between Lucasfilm and Adidas. The 2019 Star Wars Collection consists of three different packs, each celebrating an iconic element from the movie franchise.

The initial release is a Lightsaber-themed pack inspired by the “unbreakable bond between a Jedi and their lightsaber.” The set features eight custom iterations across the company’s existing line of basketball shoes. For example, fans of the classic Top Ten design will find a design influenced by Obi-Wan Kenobi, while the Crazy 1 and Rivalry Lo sneakers embrace the dark side (literally) with Darth Vader inspired designs. To complement the shoes, Adidas is also offering a selection of complementary Lightsaber-themed hoodies, crew necks, and sweatpants.

Later in November, the company will drop two additional sets: the Space Battle Pack on November 21st, and the Characters pack on November 29th.

Lightsaber-themed offerings are now available online and at select Adidas stores, with price points between $70-$140 USD.

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