Super Nintendo World – Osaka, Japan

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan immerses visitors in the colourful world of Nintendo gaming franchises.

Opened at Universal Studios Japan in March 2021, Super Nintendo World reinterprets Nintendo games for an in-person experience that is unmistakably Nintendo. Visitors enter Super Nintendo World through a green warp pipe familiar from the Mario Bros. games. Once inside the park, familiar characters such as Bowser, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Kinopio, and others greet guests.

After more than six years of development, Super Nintendo World combines the traditional theme park experiences of rides, food, and shopping with video games, a park-specific app, in-person challenges, and augmented reality.

The usual COVID-19 protocols of physical distancing, mask-wearing, and plenty of hand-sanitization stations are in place at the park. The excitement of the experience will no doubt overshadow these distinctly modern inconveniences.

Two Super Nintendo World locations in the United States is now underway.

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