Super Mario Piranha Plant from LEGO

One of Mario’s oldest foes is coming home!

First introduced on the NES back in 1985, the brick-built Piranha Plant is the latest addition to the ever-expanding LEGO Super Mario Collection that first launched in 2020. Created in collaboration with Nintendo, and aimed at the adult demographic, this new set is a fun re-creation of the toothy carnivorous plant made famous for spending the last 38 years trying to make a meal out of Mario.

Comprised of some 540 individual pieces, this detailed and poseable set allows fans to move the head, mouth, stalk and leaves to create new and exciting poses. At the same time, you can literally build this one from the ground up – “so the Piranha Plant emerges as if it’s growing out of the pipe,” according to the official product press release.

“When designing the Piranha Plant, it felt important to capture its distinctive features and ensure that the set could be positioned in a way that reflects its iconic poses,” said Senior Designer Carl Merriam in a statement. “I’m so proud of the finished result, from the mouth to the leaves and stalk, we’ve managed to perfectly portray the menacing essence of the Piranha Plant!”

Indeed they have. Sitting inside its iconic green pipe and brandishing more than a few pearly whites, this plastic plant looks as though it could munch Mario down in a single bite! From its unmistakable polka-dot head to the little pink tongue tucked away in the mouth, LEGO has looked to meticulously capture the look and feel of this longtime Mushroom Kingdom menace down to the smallest detail! Plus, you’ve got to admit, this thing might be throwing out just enough Little Shop of Horrors vibes to have Rick Moranis break into a new rendition of Grow For Me – no finger-pricking required.

A fun gift idea for the Nintendo fan in your life, the LEGO Piranha Plant makes an impressive addition to any home or office. As the latest release in the adult-themed Super Mario Collection, it joins the likes of The Mighty Bowser and the fan-favourite Nintendo Entertainment System as a set designed to evoke nostalgia from fans who remember Super Mario as an intrinsic part of their childhood.

Currently available for pre-order, the set is priced at $59.99 USD and scheduled to arrive at retail beginning November 6th, 2023.

Are you planning to snap up the new LEGO Piranha Plant? Just be sure to watch your fingers!

Company: LEGO | Available: November 6, 2023 | Where to Buy: LEGO | Price: $59.99 USD