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Super Mario Encyclopedia by Dark Horse Comics

Company: Dark Horse Comics
Available: October 2018
Price: $39.99 USD

In 2015, Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. celebrated its 30th anniversary and Nintendo released the Super Mario Encyclopedia in Japan, leaving fans of the influential gaming series in other countries clamouring for a worldwide release.

Thanks to the company’s existing publishing relationship with Dark Horse Comics, the 256-page tome is heading West, with a planned release date in North America of October 2018.

The hardcover book provides an exhaustive look at seventeen Super Mario games, from the original Super Mario Bros. released in 1985 through to the 2015 release of Super Mario 3D World. Nintendo has filled the encyclopedia with a wide range of content, including descriptions of enemies, level maps, collectible guides, playing tips, and known gaming glitches. There’s even an interview with Takashi Tezuka, the designer behind the original video game.

Super Mario Encyclopedia will be available for $39.99 USD and can be pre-ordered now from a variety of online booksellers.

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