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Star Wars Topps Classic Sticker Book

Company: Abrams Books
Available: April 2017
Price: $12.95 USD

When Star Wars was first released in 1977, LucasFilm teamed up with The Topps Company to create a series of collectible trading cards and stickers as a tie-in to the movie. To celebrate Star Wars’ 40th anniversary, the publisher Abrams is releasing the Star Wars Topps Classic Sticker Book.

The 76-page book contains 18 sticker pages with more than 250 iconic Star Wars stickers first released by Topps between 1977 and 1983. As a bonus the sticker pages also include 18 stickers from the recent promotion for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Also included are five double-sided, full-colour pullout posters that provide a suitable backdrop for kids (and adults) to peel and place to their heart’s content.

The Star Wars Classic Sticker Book retails for $12.95 USD and is available for pre-order online leading to its release in stores this April.

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