Star Trek Universe Collection from Playmates Toys

Set phasers to fun!

“It was the biggest and most successful Star Trek line ever.” So claimed Karl Aaronian, the Senior VP Of Marketing at Playmates, in a 2018 episode of the hit Netflix series The Toys That Made Us.

And you know something? He’s not wrong!

Beginning in the Fall of 1992, Playmates became the undisputed Grand Nagus of a quirky sci-fi series constantly looking to find its footing at retail. However, where the likes of Galoob and Remco had failed, Playmates successfully merged collectibility with toyetic appeal and brought a beloved brand back to market. One that quickly became a smash hit with kids and collectors alike.

Encompassing everything from articulated action figures to playsets and role-play items, the assortment lasted for well over a decade before finally heading back to the stars once and for all.

Or, so we thought.

That’s right! More than ten years later, Playmates is returning to the Final Frontier!

The creators of the most successful Star Trek toyline in history are back and ready to “Make It So” with an entirely new assortment of products celebrating the voyages of the starship Enterprise. However, while most revivals nowadays tend to venture towards the more popular 6-inch scale, Playmates is instead setting their phasers to fun and sticking to the classic 5-inch format that made them a household name throughout the 80s and 90s.

A surprise to be sure, but one that certainly bodes well in bringing fans back to the brand once more!

Further adding to the vintage charm of this new line will be an unmistakable aesthetic that will allow fans to display these new figures right alongside all of the previous Playmates toys from back in the day. However, there will be some noticeable improvements as well. Updated decos, increased articulation and photo-realistic likenesses look to usher these new Star Trek toys into the 21st Century and ensure both collector and consumer are treated to the very best that the industry has to offer.

And that is just the beginning!

Alongside these new Star Trek action figures, Playmates is also releasing a classic Enterprise complete with lights and sounds. An original series role-play phaser, which has been a favourite among fans since Aluminum Model Toys (AMT) released their popular Star Trek Exploration Set back in 1974, is also in the works!

The first new Star Trek figures and toys will be available this coming summer, and feature a collection of characters from some of the most popular shows and films from across the franchise – including Star Trek: Discovery, the animated Star Trek: Prodigy, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan to name but a few.

Sculpted in 1:14 scale and packaged on a mixture of retro and newly designed blister cards, the first wave of the all-new Star Trek Universe collection is available for pre-order now through numerous online retailers like Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth. Look for them to arrive online this July before beaming into stores across the globe come fall.

What about price, you ask? Well, the basic figure assortment is stickered between $15.99 and $17.99 USD depending on retailer. At the same time, the larger scale Enterprise will be coming in at around $49.99 to $59.99 USD, while the role-play phaser will set you back somewhere between $29.99 and $34.99 USD by the time all is said and done.

And yes, Playmates will be announcing new additions to the line soon.

So, are you excited to boldly go get your hands on this new collection?

Mr. Spock might say it would only be logical. And you know what? I’m inclined to agree with him!

Company: Playmates Toys | Available: July 2022 | Price: $15.99-$59.99 USD