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Star Trek: The Original Series Glasses Set from Star Trek Shop

Get a little closer to the dream of living Starfleet life with the Star Trek: The Original Series Glasses Set from Star Trek Shop.

Lounges and bars often appear in the Star Trek franchise: Ten Forward, Quark’s, Marseilles Poolroom, Quantum Café, Shipyard Bar, and 602 Club all served as locations in Star Trek storylines. With the Star Trek: The Original Series Glasses Set, fans of the long-running science-fiction franchise can recreate the experience in their own homes.

The four-piece barware set includes four glasses in colours familiar to fans of the original series: gold, blue, red, and grey. Each glass carries a different symbol from the original Star Trek series.

The glasses are available online through Star Trek Shop. With the annual Star Trek Day coming up on September 8, you have the perfect excuse to pour yourself and your fleet a shot of your preferred beverage.

Company: Star Trek Shop | Available: Now | Price: $62.95 USD

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